This original handmade Dragon Smoker was designed by Chris and John Hampton in the summer of 2009 and built in 2010 to fill the desire for authentic southern style smoked barbecue and an original sculpture. The dragon design began to take shape over the next few months. The general dragon design was present from the beginning but was altered during fabrication, a process that will continue as needed to get the best looking and smoking dragon ever. Each dragon is an original sculpture that will create great BBQ. The dragon smoker has a cooking area and a firebox where you can burn your choice of woods or charcoal to get just the right temperature and smoky flavor. The original mild steel version has been making great smoked southern style barbecue since 2010 and yours will too.

Two types of handmade smokers are now available for purchase, the first fashioned after the original in mild steel for $4,000.00, and the second larger size for $6000.00. Prices are estimated based on the price of steel and the hours of design and fabrication. The smokers come with casters so they are easily movable. They can also be built into a fixed position on a patio or other architectural feature of a home or restaurant. The mild steel exterior can be painted with high heat paint to the color of your choice.

All commissions are individual and you can have yours designed to your specifications. Each dragon is an original handmade design and fabricated by us in our Ohio workshop. Generally, a dragon smoker will take four to six weeks to complete depending on the design. The dragon is the central theme for these smokers; however other designs can be done upon request.